74% of wholesale buyers go online first to research at least half of their purchases.

The B2B relationship between wholesale and retail is changing faster than ever before. Retailers are rapidly migrating online to purchase wholesale products and are no longer ordering over email, phone and paper. These buyers have a higher average order value and spend more with brands who have leveraged a wholesale portal.  

Buyers are on the path to making a majority of their buying online and this trend will increase in the near term. By 2017, 30% of wholesale buyers will make at least 50% of their purchases online. Forrester Wave B2B; Internet retailer B2B guide 2015


Reach more stores that want to buy your products through a self-serve b2b portal and utilize tools to reach those stores.


We use the industry standard ecommerce platform to communicate between your current and future customers.



Ven works with your ERP, CRM, shipping, payment processor and warehouse.

We have the technology integrations that are unique to your business.


Shipping, payments, ERP, warehouse, catalog, website and more.



Ven has developed a platform for brands to transact wholesale orders to self-serving retailers. 


The platform is scalable and allows brands to maximize revenue by growing retail relationships.


Ven customizes the platform for sales teams to use at trade shows and at meetings with buyers.


Prepare a quote

Buy on behalf of a store

See inventory in real-time

Optimize trade show experience

Quick order 

Credit card order and storage


MSRP tiered discounts by volume/retailer

Pre-order, reorder and schedule delivery

Optimized for tablets

Product information

Shipping integration with FedEx, UPS, USPS

Storage keeps track of orders, invoices and shipping